Do you feel broken? Like no matter how much you try to get life to work for you, there seems to be something that interrupts your progress every time?

Maybe you've never experienced joy in your life, and instead are tired, depressed, anxious, and barely making it day to day.

Many of us go through life with trauma. It can stem from abuse in our childhood, a bad relationship, and even from the church. Those who were supposed to protect us and love us.

Most of us don't recognize it when it manifests later.  
We find ourselves stuck in patterns, behaviors, and habits that hold us back from succeeding in life, but we don't want to live this way. Yet, don't know the way out...

Some of us may feel we are called to something greater, but have no idea where to begin.

I remember times when I awoke to 3-5 panic attacks a day, hiding in my closet, trying to push out the noise and the stress. Screaming in my home when my husband wasn't around.

Anything to seek relief from the physical pressure of life. At the time, I did not know I was autistic which lead to even further sensitivity outlets and intensified how I was feeling.

There had to be a way out. Finally, I was able to see a counselor, but she didn't truly get me. Eventually, she fired me as her client because my trauma was "Too much for her to handle." 

I was told by another therapist I didn't qualify for EMDR therapy for my chronic PTSD diagnosis because I didn't have the support system needed to last and get through it. Sound familiar? It seemed all hope was lost for me.

A counselor came into my life, truly listened to my frustrations, and showed me I had what it took inside of me to heal. Along with my faith in God, the Word of God, and willingness to take action, I learned more about myself over the next few years.

I began to see patterns and cycles in my life and not just my own. That's when I knew, God, through my own trauma, gave me a gift to see healing on the horizon for others.  

In 2019, He gave me a vision and instructions to build Scripture Prescriptions Ministries. I watched one life after another be changed through this gift. In every life I touched and interacted with, God was doing something transformational.

In 2021, God moved me to launch Identity Recovery, a one on one, life coaching, trauma healing program, whose mission is to serve those who are fighting to survive each day.  

In Identity Recovery, you will:

► Explore the roots of trauma.
► Recover identity.
► Learn practical tools to unlock & unblock mental, emotional, and  
      spiritual challenges.
► Receive Biblical discipleship.
Reclamation of your joy & wholeness.

To take the next step and learn more about the program complete the form below. We also have sponsorship opportunities to become part of the healing process for others. Consider a gift of sponsorship!